Mostly, the car owners do not bother the issues faced by the Japanese used cars in Kenya during the summer season. The reason is that they do not know much about summer breakdown car problems.  The summer season expects that you will take care of your vehicle in front of highly destructive rays of the hot sun in the case of not taking precautions before time. This blog will help you understand this issue, you may face in the summer season.

Many car owners put their car maintenance on the back burner in the case of feeling that their Japanese used car in Kenya is in good shape. However, it is not an ideal decision, especially when the summer season is at its peak. The best practice in this regard is keeping an eye on all major problems raised in hot weather. But before that, you need to know these problems. 

We are describing the most common summer breakdown problems here to help you out in this regard:

Overheated Engine

You are not the only one who faces heat when the temperature remains at the highest level during the summer season. Your vehicle faces the same situation even if you are enjoying air-conditioner inside it.  Although coolant keeps the car engine cool, it does not perform well if the temperature is high. So, if there is only a small loophole, you can face a disastrous situation. 

Keeping an eye on the coolant will help you avoid this situation in the summer season. In the case of not doing so, the engine will be overheated. If it happens, you will bear a huge expense for engine overhauling.

Clutch Problems

The smell of burning clutch intimates you that you need to take care of it now. The car owners never think about clutch maintenance. They do not bother it in the severe temperature. If this negligence continues, the clutch stops working, and leave you in an unbelievable stage. The wear and tear of clutch increase during the summer season, and if it is already worn out, the problem will not intimate you. The result is that you would be stuck right in the middle of your trip. So, keep an eye on the burning smell of your clutch and its lifespan.


Summer vacations are the most favorite time for the kids, as they are expecting a wonderful family trip.  You need to drive a lot to reach a particular destination for this trip. For that, you must keep the proper maintenance and repairing of Japanese used the car in your mind for the safety and security of your family and vehicle. To achieve this target, you must maintain the quality of tires. General checkup of tires is a must before going for a long drive. But along with that, the tires lose their shape at a rapid speed during the summer season due to overheated roads. Therefore, you must keep an eye on this issue in the summer season, especially in the case of going for a family tour.


Thus, in the summer season, when you are planning to go for a family tour, make sure that you have visited your car doctor and discussed all common summer breakdown problems that can be faced by the Japanese used cars in Kenya