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You can select/reserve the vehicle of your choice from our online Japan stock. If the car is not in our showroom, you can place an order and our team of experts will search the car for you from the japan auction house to meet your requirements and reserve the car. MYK Auto Trader is a team of experts who have extensive experience of Car Trading in Japan, ensuring the best possible deal for you. If you have any questions related to our cars in stock, we request you to call us on 0081-8083884949 (Whatsapp / Skype: shahzadkashif) so that we can assist you better.


Once you have finalized the car, the next step is to place an order by requesting a Japanese car to be reserved for you. The final step to place order is by calling any of our number or fill up the form to request a car here.. Before placing the order we will explain all the details and answer every question you may have. Stay assured, you are placing order with the Company that believes in Customer Relationship more than anyone else in the market.


After you place order for your dream Vehicle, we will issue the invoice and send it to you via email for authentication. Please pay the bill by Bank Telegraphic Transfer within 3 business days of the issue date of the invoice. Purchaser must pay the bank transfer charges.  Once done, please send a copy of the Telegraphic Transfer as a proof of payment to MYK Auto Trader. Once the prerequisites are done, we will start the car export process ensuring quality of the car selected from the auction house in Japan. We require minimum 50 percent deposit of the car cost in advance. Please send the deposit to our bank account by T/T. In case you decide to withdraw the plan to purchase the car, we will refund the payment 100% of the deposit but we deduct the cost of bank transfer. Visit our Bank Account page for more information.


Before shipping, your car needs to undergo Jevic Inspection and Deregistration from Japan. This takes about 2 weeks. Once we receive the entire payment, we will arrange shipment of your car. Read the next and final stage to know about Shipment Process.  Feel free to get in touch if you have questions.


Your vehicle will be shipped on the earliest vessel. You will be updated about the shipping schedule as soon as it is confirmed by the shipping company. You may also check the status of your shipment by signing up on our website. The bill of lading will be issued about 1 week after the departure date. When the bill of Lading is issued, we will send you all of the necessary documents by DHL and also you can download the soft copy of your documents by logging onto your profile. It takes approximately 30 days to dock in a port near you, depending on the country and location.


You will receive the shipping and necessary documents about the Japanese car you have requested for. After you receive them, you can start the clearing process for your car. We can arrange a clearing agent for you to clear the Vehicle, if needed to assist you in the process.

After you have completed the clearing process, your dream car will be with you and you will definitely love owing and driving a quality car right from MYK Auto Trader.