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Important Notice

We do not accept cash payment at local offices. Payment needs to be wired to Myk AutoTrader account in Japan. We are not responsible for any troubles caused by CASH payment.

available 17 cars
Nissan Ad Van 2014
311 000
Nissan AD-VAN 2014 Used
  • 25000 Km
  • Automatic
18 300
Toyota SIENTA 2018 Used
  • 2000 Km
  • Automatic
Nissan AD VAN
311 000
Nissan AD-VAN 2014 Used
  • 25000 Km
  • Automatic
Nissan NV350 Caravan Silver
4 800
Nissan Caravan 2013
  • Automatic
Nissan NV350 Caravan
5 100
Nissan Caravan 2014
  • Automatic

MYK Autotrader Jamaica

MYK AutoTrader is a renowned and one of the best Japanese  used cars exporter. We are Japan based company and we deal in used Japanese cars and brand new Japanese cars. MYK Japan is always ready to provide good customer support service with superior deals in Jamaica.We serve widely in JamaicaMYK is the best auto trader in Jamaica.

Company stock

Wide range of vehicles is available in both Japanese and Jamaica stocks. Now you can import car from Japan in Jamaica.

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