Keeping your car protected on busy roads in a traffic jam is an uphill task. Mechanical problems are not the biggest issue in this situation. Scratches are the biggest threat that not only ruins the beauty of the Japanese used car but also affect the market rate. Another issue is that many drivers around who do not take care of their vehicles, so they can be dangerous for your vehicles as well. To deal with it, you need to take some precautionary and preventive measures that help you keep away from scratches, as removal can be daunting for your time, money, and car value.

Let us consider these measures!

Scratches mean you are damaging the genuine part of the vehicle, which can be a blow in the future. Moreover, if there are deep scratches, you will damage the metal underneath the paint that will develop rust and corrosion as well. Therefore, you need to avoid these scratches. For that, you should take some serious and precautionary actions. These actions will help avoid rust and corrosion.

To maintain your Japanese used car’s aesthetic, here are some steps to follow:

Careful parking

Use only those parking where you think that your vehicle will be safe. Moreover, you should also stay away from those areas where your Japanese used car can be in danger. For that, you must park your car properly by following all the rules of line and lane. The parking should be at that particular place where pedestrians are not frequently coming and going.




Careful driving

During driving, the best practice is to maintain a distance from other vehicles. In rush hour, try to keep the speed in control. Some roads have low-hanging trees near the road. You should take care of these trees and branches as well. If you do not do so, you are more likely to face scratches on your vehicle.




Regular car wash

A shiny look of your vehicle helps you delicate your vehicle more efficiently. With a regular car wash, you can achieve this target. With the help of this activity, you can get swirl marks and nicks. However, only manual car washes are better, as automatic car wash can create new scuff marks. Therefore, we recommend hand washing is the best option. Furthermore, do not use a dry cloth or your hand on your cars.




Use cleaning products that are the most suitable for Japanese used cars

While washing or cleaning your car, it is critical not to use harsh and abrasive products. These products can be damaging to the vehicle, especially black cars. The reason is that on this color, even the faintest hairlines can also be observed. Therefore, we recommend only high-quality products for washing your vehicle. Additionally, we also recommend a good-quality microfiber towel for absorbing the water after washing.




Use wax for more cleanliness

As we use sunscreen products for keeping our skin protected under the sun, wax performs in the same way for your Japanese used car. If you do not use wax regularly, the paint of your car will be faded. Wax is not only useful for protecting it from UV rays but also helps your vehicle save from water and dirt.