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Terms & Conditions


MYK Auto Trader Co.ltd. Operates the www.mykautotrader.com (the site) in accordance with the following terms of use (terms). By using the site, you acknowledge you agree to these terms.


Copyrights to all content on the site belong to MYK Auto trader Ltd. Reproduction or use of content on the site is prohibited.


These terms govern all transactions except where MYK signs a separate written contract with you. If MYK signs a contract with you, that contract will prevail wherever that contract and these terms differ.


Only the English version of these terms is authoritative. Non-English translations are inoperative and intended for only convenience.


Cars are priced in United States dollars , unless otherwise stated in writing, sold on CFR or FOB terms.


Full or part payment is due seven days after invoice issuance and is deemed paid on MYK’s receipt of your electronic funds transfer. For cars shipped on part payment, full payment is due seven days after the carrier’s sailing date. Bank charges and other transaction costs are not included in the invoice price and payable by you.


After full or part payment, MYK books shipping subject to carrier’s terms. The place of delivery is carrier’s facility. Risk passes to you on tender to the carrier. Carriers’ schedules are approximate, and MYK will not be liable for carrier delay, error, or nonperformance. You must comply with applicable import law and procedure, including limits to car age, class, and drive side. MYK will not be liable for noncompliance or denied entry. On receiving shipment, MYK advises checking and refilling engine oil, radiator coolant, and other consumables.


MYK exercises due care in posting information on the site; however, MYK makes no warranty of completeness, accuracy, validity, or safety thereof. MYK will not be liable for loss arising from decisions or actions taken by you reliant on information posted on the site.


You acknowledge nonparty service providers, including banks and carriers, are not controlled by or related to MYK, and MYK will not be liable for loss arising from their use, to a car in nonparty custody, or for nonparty delay, error, or nonperformance.


MYK offers the site and cars as-is, and to the maximum extent permitted by law disclaims all warranties, including of fitness for purpose and merchantability, except descriptional correspondence. MYK warrants only that cars correspond to descriptions on the site. MYK will not be liable for disclosed car defects.


MYK will not be liable for more than the invoice price of the subject car(s); consequential, indirect, or punitive damages; or lost business, profit, or use.


You shall indemnify MYK for loss arising from your breach of these terms, negligence, wrongdoing, or violation of contract or third-party rights or law.


MYK complies with the Japan Unfair Competition Prevention Act, OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials, and other anti-corruption applicable law. Any contravening transaction of prohibited.


MYK maintains an internal compliance program to prevent anti-social transactions that includes screening business partners for anti-social affiliations and incorporating terms to exclude anti-social forces in sales and procurement contracts. Any contravening transition is prohibited.


MYK complies with domestic and international global security and anti-terrorism laws and regulations, including list controls and catch-all-controls to prevent WMD proliferation. Any contravening transition is prohibited.


These terms constitute the entire agreement between you and MYK, and a forbearance in exercising or requiring satisfaction of a provision, act, omission, or course of dealing will not waive a right, remedy, or condition. If part of these terms is held unenforceable, the rest remains effective as written except where held unenforceable. These terms are governed and adjudicate by only the laws and courts of Japan