Do you know what is going to be introduced in the Japanese cars at the end of this decade? Well, it is obvious that advanced features in a car are directly related to the advancement in the technology. Some of the features have been introduced in the vehicles and are available in most of the countries where Japanese used cars are being imported.

It has been observed that the automobile industry has been experiencing great changes in the technology for last few years and now people are expecting more from Japanese car manufacturers as the media has created awareness among the car lovers. Due to these increasing expectations and demand, there is a serious question in front of the Japanese car manufacturers and that is about the new features which will be available in 2020.

As the Japanese car manufacturers want to remain in the automobile industry, they are searching, the answers of the demand of the people. Some of the probable features directly related to the future technology are going to be discussed here, which will be introduced in Japanese cars till 2020.

Autonomous Vehicle


It is being expected that by 2020, the cars will manage most of the functions by itself and the human intervention will become minimal.

Driver Override System


It is also expected that the cars will override the command of the drivers till 2020. One of the features of these features will the implementation of brakes by the car even if the driver has not given any command.

Bio-metric Vehicle Access


Bio metric vehicle access is another feature which is going to be expected in the coming year, which means that the cell security concept will also be available in cars. Eye ball identification, fingerprints and thumb impression will be used for bio metric vehicle access.

Comprehensive Monitoring and Trust-able Vehicle Tracking

Comprehensive-Monitoring - Trust-able -Vehicle -Tracking

At the moment, the monitoring and vehicle tracking features are not as trust able as it should be. It is expected that it will be achieved in the next few years.

Active Window Displays


By 2020, you will be able to find displays and highlights on your windows through active glass option.

Vehicle Shutdown


Another most awaited feature is about the vehicle shut down awareness through which the social consciousness will be improved internationally till 2020.