Karachi, 21st August 2018 – MYK Auto Trader reveals an offer for all those who have the budget less than 1.4 million on Eid UL Azha, 22nd August 2018. This offer is available only for Pakistani buyers who have shown great interest in Japanese used cars and has now become one of the largest marketplaces of these vehicles in the world.

As described earlier, Japanese used cars have got a great appreciation from Pakistani market and now, people love to buy these cars due to the excellent features and facilities provided by Japanese car manufacturers. These cars are fuel-efficient and therefore, many people can afford them and improve their traveling experience. But, recently, the prices have increased due to the increased dollar rates and higher demand for Japanese cars in Pakistan. MYK Auto Trader reveals that some wonderful Japanese used car models are still available that are fully-loaded and fuel-efficient vehicles for Pakistani buyers.

The Japanese used cars available on MYK trader with the prices less than PKR 1.4 million are mostly the most favorite ones. You will find some amazing features in these vehicles such as the 650 CC engine, keyless entry, airbags, and back gear camera, LED, CTBA, eco- idle and many more. These Japanese used cars will provide you with the safest journey on the Pakistani roads. Here is the list of Japanese used cars that can be reserved during Eid days: