Do you know that your favorite Toyota Prius, which is the best Japanese car in the market is celebrating its 20th birthday this year? If not, you must believe it that this wonderful car has been matured enough to say that you cannot ignore it. Its first launch was in 1997 and it is considered the most efficient Japanese used car available for sale in Pakistan when we talk about fuel consumption.
Toyota is a car manufacturing brand which has been loved and appreciated in the whole world, but Toyota Prius is a model which gave this company one of the best. Due to its huge success in the market and exceptional performance since 1997, the company has decided to release a limited edition of this wonderful vehicle with the name of Prius 20.
As all of us know that the Toyota Prius is the most fuel-efficient Japanese used car available for sale in Pakistan but it is not the single feature. We all love the shape, interior, driving facilities, its full options through which maximum comfort can be achieved and a wonderful price as well. Nothing in this vehicle is that which cannot be appreciated.
Now, the most asking question from your side is the features of Prius 20. The fact is that there are some cosmetic changes in this limited edition as there was no need to make it totally different from the previous models. This edition is specially designed just to say “Happy Birthday” to this wonderful vehicle so there are no major changes, but you will find it better than the regular model.
When we talk about the features, there is a bigger rear diffuse, piano black room and beautifully designed glossy new alloy rims. The company has tried to improve the interior of the car and make the color of all the interior features same like gear knob, air conditioner vents and leather key fob. The overall look is same but you will feel much better than inside when we compare it normal Toyota Prius.