While driving your Japanese used car, have you ever noticed the car is a bit tilted or wobbling a bit or you are when you leave the steering free, the car starts to move in one direction? Most of the answers are NO! We always go to the tire shop to get the tires checked for puncture or alignment.

Balanced tires are very important if you want to keep your vehicle in an actual performance and shape. The car performance may also affect if the tires are unbalanced. Overall, you must not ignore unbalanced tires, otherwise get ready to face the circumstances.

The reasons behind unbalanced tires

As described earlier, unbalanced tires can affect your car’s performance. Even new cars can have these issues, so it is a must to identify the symptoms.

Here are the 5 most possible symptoms of unbalanced tires in Japanese used cars:


If there is a vibration in steering wheel, there can be unbalanced tires and you need to consult with your car doctor in this case. If you will not consider it initially, the vibrations will be felt even in the entire front cabinet. If you will continue ignoring, your front seats will vibrate as well and that will be the sign of danger.

Feeling More Pressure in Steering The Wheel

When you find problems in revolving steering wheel, you need to check the balance of your tires. If it increases, you will face difficulties in taking turns and keeping the vehicle on the road that can be very dangerous for you and your family.

Uneven Wearing

Have you ever noticed uneven wears of your tires? No? Mostly, no one notices, although the automobile experts recommend it at least once a month. It actually tells you the balance of your tires. If there is uneven wear, you need to balance your tires immediately.

Bad bearings and shocks

Bearing and bad shocks are one of those issues that are mostly related to the unbalanced tires. You must remember that the shocks and bearing issue starts in the extreme conditions, so must consider it on the immediate basis.

Less Fuel Economy

If you love fuel-efficiency, unbalanced tires can hurt you a lot. Driving with unbalanced tires can pressurize your engine that can affect your fuel-efficiency. If there is an extra pressure on the engine, your engine will not perform up to the mark and the efficiency will decrease.

So, to keep your car in a perfect condition, you need balanced tires in any case and for that, you must be informed about the symptoms.