Fuel contamination is not a routine matter as no one compromises on petrol quality. It does not mean that you will not find quality fuel all the time as some fuel stations do not follow the instructions given by the authorities. Therefore, you can face this issue on numerous occasions, especially where you drive a Japanese used car in Antigua or any other third-world country.

What will you feel in the case of bad fueling in the vehicle? Well, most Japanese used cars in Antigua show the same symptoms. These issues can be of different types that we will discuss later in this post. Before that, we want to mention some other factors related to oil and fuel in the car. So, let us go through it!

You need to make sure as a car owner to keep the engine oil clean and useable. Contamination in it can lower the performance of the car. Contamination in the fuel enhances the problems inside the car. 

What is the contamination? Well, the availability of any substance other than the fuel element is the contamination, and this particular element is called the pollutant. It means that even the inclusion of water can create issues with your car.

Every car needs high-grade and clean oil to run the operations smoothly. When there will be any contamination, the oil will get dirty particles that run in the engine and other parts. To avoid it, you need to keep an eye on the quality of oil and change it within the scheduled time.

The above discussion confirms that all the drivers must be aware of the contamination and its symptoms to avoid the circumstances generated due to it. So, here are the symptoms!

Trouble with Acceleration

In the case of pushing the pedal more due to the late response, you must think about the contamination in the oil. When this oil enters the internal combustion chamber, it increases the pressure on the engine that means the engine is not working with full potential. The issue increases when you speed up.

Irregular Changes in Speed

If you feel that there is a fluctuation in the speed or your car is missing occasionally, you can consider it a symptom of bad fuel. It is difficult to understand this puzzle, but when it is happening without using the pedal much, you can confirm yourself there is a need to check the fuel quality.

Car Stops suddenly

Suspension of the engine suddenly when you are driving is another symptom that tells us the contamination in the fuel or engine oil. It happens when the engine does not get adequate power from internal combustion.

You struggle in kicking off the engine

When there is water or any other external element is mixed with the fuel, the engine struggles. It happens when there is water in the fuel tank. However, you need to check the oil condition in this situation.

Damaged Fuel Filter

The basic function of the fuel filter is to stop the contamination and dirt particles from mixing in the fuel tank. In the case of the damaged fuel filter, it will not be possible for it to stop the mixing. The ultimate result is the issue of bad fuel in your car. Making a maintenance schedule can handle this issue quite efficiently.


As described earlier, bad fuel can create issues in driving and maintaining the speed on the long drive. The continuation of this issue may damage engine performance as well. Therefore, the best solution is to keep an eye on all the above-described symptoms and take actions immediately.

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