The most debatable topic about Japanese used cars in Pakistan is the importance of air conditioners in vehicles.  Mostly, the questions are about the use of AC. Some people think that if there is AC in a car, why not we should use it permanently.  On the other hand, some people think that the use of AC must be according to the requirement and we can utilize our windows for getting fresh air from outside as well. It will not only help us live in a fuel-efficient environment but also contribute to controlling fuel prices as well.

It is an opinion about Japanese used cars in Pakistan that AC consumes more fuel when we compare it with fuel consumption while not using it. Running car AC means that we are putting extra pressure on the engine which will burn the fuel more. On the other hand, if we will keep the windows open, we will use less fuel. It is not an acceptable opinion because when windows are open, the drag increases in a car which will increase the fuel consumption as well.

This discussion will make you confused and it becomes difficult to take a decision in this situation. The simple solution is to keep the AC on when you are on a motorway or when you are driving at a high speed. On the other hand, do not use AC when you are in a city or town where there is a huge traffic and you cannot move easily.

Keep The Air Conditioner Open During Highway Driving

It is quite obvious to make your journey comfortable while driving on a long route. Although fuel efficiency is the basic need of the people in the current world, comfort takes the lead in this situation. With open windows, your car will face more drag and you will not get the benefit which you want. Along with that, you will not enjoy comfort in the vehicle. So, if you are on a highway, you need to keep the AC on.

Keep The Windows Open During City Driving

You must keep this thing in mind that one model varies from one to another and you will find drag different in different models of a brand. Engine power is another major difference due to which you can enjoy better fuel-efficiency even with AC also. In some cases, body structure does matter a lot as well.

If your Japanese used car in Pakistan is sleek, you will not get fuel-efficiency with windows open while driving on a highway. On the other hand, if you have a high structure, you will experience air resistance at a higher speed. But these issues do not exist in city driving where you are slow and need no speed. Here, you can enjoy driving with open windows and to save fuel and achieve higher savings at the end of the month.