Washing keeps your car free from dirt and retains the shine of your favorite vehicle. Moreover, the inclusion of wax is a beautiful way to improve your car’s look. It helps you keep the paint in its original color for longer, as waxing keeps the scratches away from your vehicle.

However, most people do not know how to use wax on a Japanese used car in South Africa. The reason is that they cannot find the same results all the time. To help them out, we will guide how to use waxing for making the vehicle more beautiful in a step-by-step guide here.

First Step – Wash the car

The grimy surface is not suitable for waxing. Washing the car is, therefore, the best solution to make the entire surface clean. After that, you should wait for the dried surface, as the wet surface will not allow you to implement surface properly. It is also necessary to collect all the products and tools that you require during the waxing process.




Second Step – Pre-wax treatment

Older cars may leave the original paint with the passage of time. In the case of finding such an issue with your car, you need to remove the damaged paint as well before waxing the surface. After that, you will paint those particular spots to get the exact results.




Third Step – Buy a quality wax

Never go for a cheap alternative while planning to buy wax for your car. You can find numerous types like pastes, paints, and sprays, etc., but the best ones are those that have better rates.






Fourth Step – Start applying the wax

Use the applicator for applying the wax on a Japanese used car in South Africa. This applicator comes with wax, and you can read all the instructions given on the wax. However, the best practice in this regard is the application of wax in a small amount, as more wax is difficult to remove. You can use a damp sponge for the even application of wax. Another basic rule is that you must apply the wax in a circular motion.


In the case of having a matte finished car, do not try to make it shine with wax.

Fifth Step – Remove the wax

Now, leave the wax for some minutes to make it dry. The instructions given on the wax will also help you know the minutes, required for wax. We recommend you to use a microfiber cloth for removing the wax in a circular motion. Do not try to build up a huge amount of wax on the cloth and change the side.






Waxing is a way to make your car a beautiful vehicle. However, you need to follow the instructions that we have given you. This activity will develop a beautiful layer to grab the attention of all the people around you. It is also necessary to be informed about the right wax that suits your car better than any other one available in the market.

You can also hire a professional for waxing in the case of fearing about the issues that you can face during the process.