Are you a new driver and want to learn defensive driving techniques? Well, you are in the right forum where you, as a teenager or a new driver, will learn some basic techniques through which you will be able to know how to behave on the roads.

For a safe journey, you need to follow the defensive driving techniques, especially when you are driving Japanese used cars in Pakistan, where roads can be your major concern along with some rough driving around. We are mentioning these things not to provide tension for you, but to make you alert in the difficult situations. It is also important to mention that there should be no shame while you are driving attentively.

Now, we are writing some useful techniques for you to make you a confident and attentive driver so follow all the suggestions carefully.

Try not to distract you in other activities

When you are driving, try to concentrate on the road and your surroundings. Some people try to use the cell phone or want to eat something during driving. It is not a good habit, especially for the new drivers. Try to focus on what you are doing which is driving.

Follow the traffic signs carefully

If you are a new or an old driver, keep focus on the road signs. It is really very helpful for defensive driving as you will get the information about speed limit, dangerous turns, condition of the road and the information about the coming towns and cities.

Keep the distance from other vehicles

If you are driving on the fast road or in a populated area, you must keep the distance from other vehicles as it will help you to control your vehicle and you can avoid you and your car from any accident.

You should be well informed and familiar about the weather

For a new driver, it is suggested to drive at night or in bad weather conditions. Bad weather conditions can be the rain, thunderstorm or in a snow fall situation.

Proper rest is required before going for a long drive

This suggestion is for all if someone is going for a long journey, especially from one city to another. If you are feeling tired or sleepy, do not take the risk of driving and sleep properly before driving. It is also important to mention that you must take breaks as well during a long drive for keeping yourself fresh.