Mirrors on a vehicle are considered one of the most essential parts while discussing the safety of the driver and passengers. In the present world where traffic load is very much higher, the proper use of mirrors can make your driving safe and secure. Let us help you out in knowing the types of mirrors installed in a Japanese car and what is the purpose of it in a real sense.

Headlight Mirrors

These concave mirrors are installed in the headlight to give a broader and wide vision, especially at night or in extreme weather conditions like in a foggy and rainy day. These mirrors are specially designed to disperse the light emissions in order to give a clear view until a few kilometers.

Side View Mirrors

Cars normally overtake from the left side and if you are driving in the middle of the road, the cars will overtake from both sides. For a safer drive, a driver must use both side mirrors while driving straight or even changing the line.

These mirrors show a large area to give you the exact position of the vehicles around you. In these mirrors, the objects are shown closer to you to make sure that you are identifying the distance correctly. These mirrors are also considered to add the beauty of the car, especially in the Japanese used cars.

Rear View Mirror

This concave mirror is right at the front of the driver in a vehicle to give you the back view for calculating the distance of the objects right behind the vehicle.

Few Road Safety Tips

To Be Focused When Moving Your Car From Stationary State

When you are going to move your car, make sure your side and rear mirrors are adjusted according to get a clear image of your surroundings. It must be ensured to save your vehicle from sides which can only be achieved only if you are using your mirrors efficiently.

To Adjust The Speed

These mirrors also help you in adjusting the speed. If someone is coming to you speedily, you can only examine it if you are using the mirrors properly. For accelerating your own vehicle, these mirrors also help you.

To Overtake

If you want to overtake, side mirrors help you a lot and if your rear mirror is informing you that no one is behind, you can initiate this process easily.

To Give Signals

Many accidents occur when you are giving signals without checking your mirrors. To avoid accidents, you must ensure that you are reading the signals provided to you by your mirrors.

To Open The Car Doors

Most of the people do not see the mirrors before opening car doors and become the reason for accidents. The safety mirrors help you in this regard and intimate about the objects around you.

To Keep Your Vehicle At A Distance

For safe driving, you must keep a good distance from other vehicles and to achieve this target, mirrors play a key role.

To Drive With Long Vehicles

If you are driving with long vehicles or trailers, your mirrors help you to keep your car at a distance to judge how much away you are.