The SUVs are the most important vehicles in Kenya because celebrities love them. The politicians, technocrats, and industrialists here in Kenya also like to drive these vehicles. It means that SUVs help you improve your status in society. This importance has increased the demand for Japanese used SUVs in Kenya as well.

However, buying an SUV is an uphill task, and you need to be very cautious while choosing a 4WD or AWD. The selection of these cars is a difficult task, and therefore, the Japanese car importers recommend Japanese used SUVs in Kenya to all their wealthy customers. The reason is that these are more affordable and reliable. These cars also fulfill all your needs to achieve luxury and status that are the ultimate requirements.

While talking about the best Japanese used SUVs in Kenya, we will find Toyota at the top. Toyota Land Cruiser VX and Prado are the most popular ones. Nissan X-Trail, Honda CR-V, and Mitsubishi Pajero are other popular brands in Kenya. The BMW X5 is also available to the Kenyans if they can afford. All these SUVs are very strong vehicles while style, comfort, luxury, and speed are the most important features of these wonderful cars.

Now, it is time to explore the top three Japanese used SUVs in Kenya. Have a look!

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado


Overall, it is the second most accepted flagship while talking about the Land Cruiser series. However, in Kenya, it is the best. One of the major reasons is that it is slightly cheaper than the VX. Its 4WD drive, lower prices, more efficient turbo-diesel engine has made it the most popular SUV in Kenya. Its fuel average is almost 10 kilometers in a liter that is also wonderful. Its large third-row seats and big luggage space help enjoy more while you are on a long drive with your family and friends.

Nissan X-Trail


The Nissan X-Trail has been serving the lovers of SUVs since 2001 at affordable rates. The luxury look, comfortable seats, and fuel-efficiency are additional benefits. The Japanese car manufacturer provides it with both, petrol and diesel engines. It is 4WD drive and high ground clearance help the drivers enjoy more. The vehicle provides extra space for passengers and luggage that makes it one of the most suitable SUVs for long routes.

Honda CR-V


For the lovers of Honda Civic, it is important to mention that the Honda CR-V is its SUV version. Its comfort and efficiency are real advantages. As described earlier, you will feel that you are driving a Honda Civic. The seating capacity, high roof, and luggage option are wonderful, and along with that, AWD is its additional advantage that helps you drive in the difficult areas as well.

The Bottom Line

It is very difficult to afford a new SUV in third-world countries like Kenya. In this situation, the Japanese used SUVs are the perfect choice for those who want to improve their living standard here.