By visiting the market we see many Japanese car dealers feel more comfortable in importing a 660cc used car from Japan. why is that? When we plan to buy a Japanese used car in Pakistan, from a dealer or fresh import, size is just a small factor of it. It does matter only when you consider the safest option which is when you contact a direct exporter of Japanese used cars in Japan. Some people think that bigger cars are safer while the other ones think oppositely. Now the question is “which car is safer?” Lets ask a car dealership:

The car experts and engineers clearly suggest that the bigger cars are safer. Why is it? Well, the experts give the following points that make the bigger car safer and more secure than the smaller ones.

The Weight of a Japanese Used Car

Small cars give a convenient and compact look and therefore, people consider them safer. But experts think differently and recommend big and heavy vehicles. The reason is the weight factor. The weight keeps the car in control and helps prevent the reflex impact in case of an accident. People have become more wise and now getting their auction sheets verified too. If it is a frontal collision, the car keeps its position and due to the large crush zone, the driver and passengers can handle the pressure of big crashes. The survey data also confirms it as only 13 fatalities per million have been notified when there are SUVs while with the small cars, the figure is 64.

The Momentum

Heavier cars have more impetus and show great resistance in the collisions. As the momentum is higher in the heavy car, it takes time to halt. Logically, due to high momentum, the heavy cars shift the energy to the small car and in return, the small vehicle and passengers in it suffer more. You can compare Japanese used sedans and SUVs as well in Pakistan. This comparison will tell you that SUVs are the strongest one among all the cars available in the market.

Are Imported SUVs Better?

From our side, the answer is a big “YES”. Japanese used sports utility vehicles and SUVs in Pakistan perform better than any other car on the roads during accidents. These vehicles are not only safely built and have maximum features, but are also trendy. A survey, conducted in 2015, tells that the SUVs are the safest vehicles on the roads.

Bigger Cars Better For Safety

Although bigger cars keep you safe, how can you compromise on other factors such as fuel efficiency, overall maintenance cost, convenience, easy parking, and compactness, etc.? Another important factor is that Japanese car manufacturers have introduced some wonderful safety features with the help of technology that has made even the smallest cars safer and more secure. Yet again, no one can say that SUVs are not the safest.