In the third world countries, the road infrastructure is not as developed as in the developed countries. If you have ever been on the long distance, especially in the hilly areas, you can face rough roads also even in developed countries. Therefore, drivers need to be attentive while driving on rough roads.

Rough roads create discomfort and noise while driving. You will also face wear and tear in the vehicle and tires as well. Normally, you can face these roads frequently if you have a Japanese used car in Kenya, especially in the hilly areas, villages and even markets. So, you need some tips to handle rough roads attentively and intelligently.

We are giving some tips to drive a Japanese used car in Jamaica on rough roads in the following lines:

Slow Down                            

If you are a good driver and love your car, you will control the speed of your vehicle. Fast driving can damage your car and tires and along with that, discomfort and noise will be inside the vehicle. So, if you will go slowly, you can overcome all the above described problems.

Take Your Car In Fast Lane

Generally, on rough roads, one lane is in a better condition. Try to drive in this particular lane. Although, you cannot drive fast in this lane as all the traffic load is here, but you can make your ride comfortable and noise-free.

Understand Your Car

You better know your vehicle so drive according to the requirement. If your car is in a good condition or the suspension is accurate, you can risk of fast driving, but if you love your vehicle or it is not in good condition, you must keep calm and drive according to the situation.

Emergency Kit Must Be With You

If you are driving on the long distance, you must keep following equipment with you:

  • Shovel
  • Spare Tire
  • Tire Jack
  • Jumper Cables
  • First Aid Kit

These items must be with you even if you have a good vehicle or there is no chance of rough roads. On rough roads, you must be equipped to handle all circumstances.

Modification In Car

If you drive regularly on rough roads, you need modifications in your vehicle.  Switching to a lift kit and high quality shocks are the most preferable options. The tires with great traction is another option to make the driving smoother and more comfortable.

Keep A Safe Distance

Keep your vehicle at a good distance to avoid potholes. If you will keep your car near to the next vehicle, you will not get to know the actual roughness on the road. If you are at a distance, you can forecast the situation and adjust the speed and direction of your car.