A car wants time and money to keep it in good condition for a long time. Regular maintenance and repairing are necessary for a Japanese used car in Kenya that is expensive as well. However, using some homemade solutions is the best way to save a huge amount by avoiding automatic car wash, cleaning supplies, and professional auto detailing firms.
Some people think that these remedies are not workable, but the reality is different. You only need to learn the techniques to achieve your target of keeping your car clean.
Here are some of the tips to keep your Japanese used car clean in Kenya:

Use olive oil for leather

Preventing leather from cracking is a very difficult task. However, you can keep it shiny, clean, and attractive by using olive oil. You only need a small volume of oil on a clean rag. Rubbing this rag on the dashboard and seats keeps them dust-free and shiny.

Use toothpaste for headlight covers

The headlight covers become yellowish and cloudy, with the passage of time and you go to a specific shop for cleaning them up. However, using a regular toothbrush can help you a lot in this regard. Put some amount on the plastic headlight covers and rub them. After rinsing with clean water, you will find these covers shiny and beautiful. Using a car wax makes them intact for a long time.

Apply ceramic coatings on the outer surface

Everyone wants to keep his vehicle brand new, but it seems very difficult due to the sun, raining, and many other natural and technical reasons. The stains settle after some time, despite regular washing. The best practice in this regard is the application of ceramic coatings on the exterior painting. You need to bear a cost once, and your car will keep its beautiful look for a long time.

Use WD-40 for removing decals

To remove the gluey residue, it is the best. It also keeps your window shields smooth and rust-free, as you find resistance in them after some years. You only need to soak WD-40 on the surface for getting awesome results.

Slime to keep tough corners, clean

There are some corners in a car that remain dirty and dull. These areas are found near the crevices among the seats and transmission sticks, etc. You can use slime to keep these areas dust-free.
Some people may consider the preparation of slime a bit difficult, but it is not. You only need ½ cup of warm water, ¼ cup of borax, and 5-ounce white glue. Mix them properly and use it for cleaning.

The Bottom Line

Overall, you always need a car mechanic who will take care of your vehicle and keep you updated about the wear and tear at it. However, you can keep your car in good shape through some homemade remedies and simple cleaning tips. We have described some of them here and will inform you more about them in our upcoming articles as well.