Lahore – 3rd May, 2018 – MYK Auto Trader, the leading Japanese used car exporters, has unofficially announced to launch a feature on the website where one can easily get their auction sheets verified by the MYK Auto Trader experts directly within 24 hours.  The auction sheet verification services will be available for all buyers in Pakistan, Kenya, Trinidad, South Africa, and Jamaica to facilitate them avoiding any fraud during this process. As a socially responsible company, MYK Auto Trader has taken this step for the customers or buyers worldwide to help them ensure they have bought a good quality car. These Auction sheet verification services will be available from 15th May 2018 onwards. Just visit the page, type in name, email, contact number and upload your

auction sheet. That’s it! Our expert will get back to you within 24 hours after complete verification of the sheet with an honest review.  

People, specifically in Pakistan, love to buy Japanese used cars, but most of them doesn’t know the value of the auction sheet in this regard. It is just not a proof of car originality of being imported but it is a verified sheet which illustrates the exact condition, color, damages, and grading of the car parts. Some may know its actual use and value, but do not know how to read and interpret it. Due to this discrepancy, the fraudulent agents do the alteration in it and add fabricated value to provide a low-grade car in high prices (Still below market price). All it happens just due to the lack of knowledge among the people. If they will get to read auction sheet and know how to verify it, they will get guaranteed quality cars in competitive prices. 

MYK Auto Trader is one of the most renowned Japanese car importers in Pakistan, having a head office in Japan, and now, has taken the initiative to develop awareness among the people of Pakistan to help them inspect properly before buying a used Japanese car. This facility will not only help the people who know the exact situation of a car and price but also the ones who are less knowledgeable.