“The introduction of new technology in Japanese cars has made the driving much easier” is an opinion, although many drivers do not agree with it. We received radar collision detection, airbags, backup cameras, automatic parking and anti-lock brakes from this technology. Most of us think that nothing can go in the wrong direction with these features, but sometimes, nature tests our skills and we feel that our car is not in control. In this situation, you have no time to search the issue; rather we just find a way to stop it safely.

The driver must ask a few questions to himself when the Japanese used car is going out of your control. We are going to discuss these questions and give you the best suitable solutions.

Brake Failure

Sometimes, you find light traffic on the road, so you decide to accelerate, but when you apply brakes, you get to know that these are not working. It is due to the reason of non-availability of brake oil and there are a wear and tear, but your task is to stop the vehicle now.

For that, you must take your vehicles in a low-gear. In a manual transmission, you will use clutch while in the automatic transmission, you will release the accelerator. When you think that you are out of big danger, can apply emergency brakes. It will not work well either, but you will be able to control the damage for sure.

Runaway Acceleration

Sometimes, the accelerator performs extra-ordinary and you reach the highest speed. To control it, you must ensure that the accelerator is working well and there is no pressure on the accelerator, you can release pressure on the accelerator and apply brakes. If there is a jammed accelerator, it is a manufacturer’s defect.

To handle it, you will push the accelerator back with your right leg and apply brakes with the left one. You will do it several times for controlling the Japanese used car in Pakistan, Kenya & Jamaica. You will take the ignition off but just for three seconds and reignite again. You must keep the keys inside otherwise you will lock steering wheel which can be more severe.

Bad Weather Conditions

Snowfall and rain can also take your vehicle out of your control. Do not drive fast in snowfall and keep your car on the road. If you think that your car is moving faster than your acceleration, follow the above method and pump the brakes but do not scuff.

In rainy weather, the oil comes out on the roads which can be the cause of accidents. You must ensure that your vehicle is moving at a low speed because you can control better in this situation. If you will not do this, you will have to implement the same procedure described above.