The number of people who want to own a private Japanese used car in Jamaica is increasing. Everyone who can afford these vehicles wants to buy a wonderful model of worldwide famous Japanese brands. This trend has also established due to the fact that Japanese used cars are more affordable and economical. Along with that, you can enjoy a fully loaded vehicle after paying a small amount which is a wonderful opportunity for all to have a Japanese used car in the garage.

Now you can raise the question of how to import a Japanese car from Japan. For providing you these facilities, there are many Japanese car exporters like MYK auto Traders which provide you the complete details and also facilitate you to buy a vehicle online through the list which is provided on the site. It is also important to mention that you must have the information about the total cost along with the regulations as these factors impact on the total cost for importing the Japanese car to Jamaica.

We are going to provide you some details through which you will be able to import Japanese used cars to Jamaica. There can be some modifications as well, according to the law of the land so be careful about those legal aspects as well along with our suggestions.

Age limitations

Normally in all countries, there is an age limit which means that only those people can import a vehicle who have reached that particular age which the government of that particular country.

Shipping Recommendations

If you have finalized the deal with Japanese car exporters like Myk Auto Trader to import a Japanese car to Jamaica, the car will be shipped to you to your nearest port. You will get your vehicle within four to six weeks, according to the laws and regulations of the country.

Clearance And Delivery Details

You must be aware of the customs clearance agents who help you to clear your vehicle as these people help you about the laws and regulations made by the governments of the land. It is a must to engage only those people who know how to do this task as if he or she has insufficient information, you will have to legal obligations in the clearance.

It is also important to mention that you must have the information on total cost which you will have to bear while you are importing a Japanese car from Japan to Jamaica. You must know the value of duty, according to the engine size of the vehicle as it changes with the change of engine capacity.

In the last but not least, there should be some documents with you when you want to import a car successfully. In these documents, bill of lading, vehicle insurance documents, receipt of paid money, freight statement and other related documents of purchasing are included. These documents will help you to use the vehicle with maximum confidence and trust.