The ever-expanding consumer base has made the automobile industry, the most thriving in the world. This competition has kept all Japanese car manufacturers on toes because the car buyers have numerous options to choose from. We can find new technology and features in every model that a brand introduces every few months.

While talking about the brands, which are offering new features and facilities in the vehicle, Honda and Hyundai remain at the top. Both Japanese car manufacturers have a great reputation in the market, and customers find it very difficult to choose, which brand out of these two. To understand the more suitable brand, you need a comparison guide.

In the following post, we will address the features of both brands and help you select the best one according to your understanding:

History of Honda and Hyundai

Honda is purely a Japanese car firm that started its operation back in 1948. Conversely, Hyundai is a South-Korean brand that started as a Car manufacturer in 1967. It means that Honda is a more experienced company, and therefore, people accept its models more aggressively.

However, it is not enough! We need to understand the major aspects related to the performance, interior and exterior look, and overall acceptance level to decide, which brand is comparatively better than the other. Car Interiors



While talking about Honda, luxurious interior is the feature that no other brand can compete it. Offering top-grade materials for the interior is a huge plus that Honda offers to its valued clients. Excellent video monitors and outstanding entertainment systems are some other features that Japanese car manufacture other than Honda cannot offer. On the other hand, Hyundai provides an interior that is not as spacious as Honda has. However, compact design gives an absolute edge to the Hyundai. This feature makes Hyundai, the most suitable Japanese used car for families in the world.


Car Performance

Honda is a better performer on roads. It means that Honda is ahead once again while talking about car performance. Most models of Honda are exceptionally well on roads when compare them with all types of models, introduced by Hyundai in the market under the same category. Smooth driving and exceptional performance of Honda engines keep you tension-free even after many years. However, some models of Hyundai are better than the competitors, introduced by Honda. For example, Hyundai Ioniq and Kona re better than Honda Clarity and Honda HRV.


Safety Factors

Honda has a definite edge here as well. Honda introduces all its models with extra safety features like forwarding Collision Warning, Road Departure Mitigation, Collision Mitigation Brakes, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Lane Keep Assist give the Honda lovers an edge over others.

On the other hand, Hyundai vehicles are one of the most reliable ones in the market. Hyundai offers certain safety features to its users. However, the drawback is that all these features are not as advanced as we find in the Honda cars. Therefore, we think that Honda cars are better when we discuss safety factors in Japanese used cars.