Japan delivers one of the most prominent cars in the world and Japanese car manufacturers are leading the world at the moment. These cars attract the car lovers due to high in quality, reliability, and safety. The Japanese automobile industry has been enjoying a boom for many years and a large number of Japanese cars are exported from Japan to different countries around the world. Japanese used cars are also dominating the world at the moment and people with low budget love to have these vehicles due to the features available in these cars. 

In the following post, we will bring those Japanese used cars in front of you, which are not only luxury cars, but also considered the economic ones as well. Let’s explore top 5 Japanese used cars in Pakistan that bring luxury into our lives! 

Toyota Camry

It is one of the most successful vehicles of Toyota and people consider it the safest-choice when they have a plan to buy a luxury 5-seat standard sedan. It has 2.5 liters 4 cylinder engine to make it the perfect choice for the buyers. The Toyota Camry also has the feature of fuel economy and it becomes excellent when we drive on a highway or motorway. To address the buyer’s aesthetic sense, the manufacturers developed the interior in a significant way. We consider it the best Japanese used car in Pakistan in this specific segment. 

Subaru Legacy 

The automotive experts consider it one of the soberest sedans available in the market. It has a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine and straightforward interiors. It also provides fuel economy and we find it one of the best vehicles on the motorway. Four adults can be adjusted quite easily in it. It provides us the feature of full-opening doors to make the entry and exit comfortably. 

Mitsubishi Lancer 

When people desire to have a beautiful car, they are actually thinking of the Mitsubishi Lancer. The manufacturers designed this car for driving enthusiasts and provided handling and steering in a remarkable way. It has a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine with five-speed manual transmission gearboxes.  

Mazda CX-7

Mazda CX-7 has been included in this list due to its precise steering and prompt response. The manufacturer designed it for spacious vehicle lovers. The features of this SUV make it one of the most prominent vehicles available in the market with affordable prices. It has 2.3 liters turbocharged four-cylinder engine and it means that you will enjoy with this 5-seat crossover not only in driving and fuel economy simultaneously. 

Nissan Juke

It is a very beautiful hatchback luxury car with beautiful shape and attractive interior. It provides you the sporty driving experience and excellent fuel economy to make sure that you have a luxurious environment inside the car. It has a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine with turbo CVT, which gives the drivers a smooth, stylish and comfortable experience, especially on the highways.