With the introduction of Japanese used cars in Japan and other developing countries, the traffic problems are increasing as the roads are not enough and the private vehicle is in the reach of most of the people. The sub-standard public transportation system also contributes a lot in this regard, so the chances of accidents have been increased substantially around us.

But the major issue which can be experienced on roads, especially in Japan and other countries where Japanese used cars can be seen everywhere is that the drivers are not skilled and most of them have not a proper license as well. In this situation, you should be very careful and follow the instructions strictly if you want to drive safely.

Hold Your Steering Properly

Hold your Steering Properly

The best way while driving is to adjust your seat in such a way that you are nearer to the steering wheel. By doing this, you will be able to hold the steering properly and along with that, you feel less pressure while you are on a long route. This activity will help you to maneuver the vehicle and feel less fatigue.

Be Aware Of Drunk Drivers


If you are on a road and driving, your sixth sense must be very strong and it can be achieved by examining the way of driving the other drivers. If you feel on the road that someone is driving abnormally, you must make sure to keep away your car from him.

Avoid Fast Lane


Make sure that your speed is within the limits described on the roads. It is also important to mention that controlled driving is the best way to avoid accidents. It is a fact that everyone wants to keep the vehicle in the fast lane, but the chances of accidents are also maximum here so keep your driving smooth and efficient.

Awareness About Your Sides


It is a quite difficult job to get the awareness of all the sides of the vehicle which is under your control, but it is extraordinarily important if you want to drive safely. There are some blind spots on your car which cannot be seen through the side mirrors but you should have such a relationship with your vehicle that you know exactly where these are.

Maintain Your Car


Do make sure that your car should be in perfect condition and for that, you must maintain your car. For that, a regular visit to the mechanic is the best way through which you can ensure that the speed, exterior, brakes and steering according to the defined standards.

These steps are the basics of driving but not all. Keep yourself in a learning mode if you want to drive for a long time without accidents.