The best vehicle manufactured by Toyota is a Camry, which have got great appreciation from around the world through the years. Whether you are a car exporter, importer, buyer or a seller, you will normally all the reviews about the Toyota Camry positive. It is a wonderful combination of beauty and perfection. The experts think that it is the best Japanese used sedan, available in the world, especially in the countries like Pakistan, Kenya, Jamaica, and South Africa, etc. 

To understand why the Toyota Camry is the best Japanese used car in PakistanJamaica, Kenya, and South Africa, we must understand some facts about this wonderful sedan.  

The Toyota, the Japanese car manufacturer, has been selling Toyota Camry as a leading global green brand since 1982. This model has got great success since its launch and is considered the “World Car” now. Let’s explore some facts that make Camry unique and different from other sedans. 

The Naming Convention 

Its name is based on the Japanese word, “Kanmuri”, which means crown. Toyota uses these types of names to signify its primary models, which were given the name of the crown. 

It Has An Open Source Infotainment System That Was Not Available Before 

In 2018 Toyota Camry, the manufacturers have introduced an open source infotainment system for the very first time in Toyota models. The vendors use Linux platform for making this code accessible to all users. Now, there is no need to build an isolated infotainment system.  

Toyota Camry Has Head-Up Display

The driving of Toyota Camry gives you the feeling that you are a fighter pilot as the manufacturers have included a 10-inch unit to show you all the vital information in front of you. Now, you have no need to roll over your eyes because you will find all the information on the head-up display. 

Improved Safety Sense

The safety system of the Toyota Camry is suitable for all types of drivers as there is an intuitive cruise control, a pre-collision system to help you identify the pedestrian around, high beam and lane departure warnings, etc. 

The Newly Introduced “Entuned” Feature 

The new “Entuned” feature helps the drivers stay connected very easily on the go. It is basically the combination of remote connect and app suite. Through this system, the features such as remote start control, door locking and unlocking, vehicle finder and guest drive control can easily be managed.