Do you experience a bad jump when your imported car runs through a speed breaker? Or do you experience a calm relaxing drive even on a bumpy road? This is due to the shock absorbers installed in the car. What do you know about shock absorbers? Well, most of us know only the name of this very important hydraulic-pump like device and along with some functions. The basic purpose of these absorbers is to control the impact of bumpy and rough roads. The controlling of the impacts of bumps and rebound movements with the help of springs and suspension, is considered a complete package provided by the Japanese car manufacturers in their cars imported to Pakistan.

The basic purpose of shock absorbers is to keep the tires of the vehicle in contact with the road and give a feeling of smooth journey to the driver and passengers. With the help of this system, it is ensured that the braking and control systems are working according to the requirement of the time.

How Shock Absorbers Work in a Japanese Used Car?

The reality is that the tires are the only components available in a vehicle which are in contact with the roads even if your car is still. If the contact of the tires will be broken to the road, the problem will be created and if it will happen during the driving, the driving, braking and controlling will definitely be compromised. The shock absorbers are included in the Japanese used cars to keep the tires in contact to the road and provide you the driving facility with maximum comfort and stability.

For most of the people, this information will amaze that the shock absorbers are not for supporting the vehicle at all. These components take the energy in the form of kinetic energy from the suspension and convert this energy into thermal. This process heats up the vehicle and due to this particular process, it is then dissipated.

When we talk about the shock absorbers of Japanese used cars available in Pakistan, these are oil pumps which are attached with a piston. The piston is attached to a piston rod and against it, there is a pressure tube and inside this tube, there is hydraulic fluid. When the suspension is working upwards and downwards, the hydraulic fluid will be pushed inside the piston through very tiny holes called orifices.

As these tiny holes are designed in such a way that only a small volume can be passed so, the piston slows down and help the springs and suspension to move slow. The working of shock absorbers is automatic as with the faster movement of the suspension, more resistance is provided by these components of Japanese used cars.