In the case of buying a new car, you do not need to worry as all are the same. However, old cars have a history of their own. Sometimes, the owner takes great care of it, but sometimes, he has repaired it after the accident. So, you need to be very careful if you have a plan to buy a Japanese used car in Kenya. For that, you must develop a questionnaire. It will help you understand the exact condition of the vehicle and decide accordingly.

As you do not know what to ask before buying a used Japanese car in Kenya, so we have developed a list of the questions here for you:

Can you provide us with the maintenance history?

If you have got an up-to-date maintenance history, it will be a great plus. The best practice is to take service from an authorized dealer. If it is not there, you must try to leave the vehicle.

Is the service record available?

Prefer those sellers who maintain the service record. This record tells you that the seller is conscious of the vehicle service.

Is the car accidental?

This information is available in the history report. However, you must ask the seller as well to get confirmation of it. If he confirms, you can ask more about the damages and repairing process.

Can we check the engine oil?

It is very important as it will tell you the condition of valve guides, seals, intake gasket, rings, and more. You must know the difference in oil color and its impacts. For example, white foam means that there is no worry. If there is fuel in oil, some of the components are not working well.

Is there any issue with any component?

You can buy a used car if there is an issue with some components. However, the issue with an engine is not acceptable. You must ask this question before finalizing a deal to estimate the expenses that you will face after buying it.

What is the paint condition?

The car with original paint has a great value in the market. Ask about the originality of the color. If there are some re-painted parts, you can go for price negotiations according to the situation.

Can I check the documents to look at the ownership history?

It is a must to make sure that you are buying a vehicle that has no legal issues. If there have been more than one owner, you must ensure that all information is available in the documents.

Is there any outstanding bank loan?

Although you can identify it by yourself as the seller will have no title in that case. However, you can ask this question as well for your mental satisfaction.

Can I invite my mechanic for inspection?

The best practice while buying a used Japanese car in Kenya is to go along with your mechanic. However, you can go alone as well. If you are serious after examining the car, you must call your mechanic after confirming from the seller.

Why do you want to sell the car?

The seller is ready that you will ask this question. However, you must ask it.