What do you do right after giving ignition to your car? Well, mostly, the next step is to relax ourselves and it can be the turning on the radio, lightening up the cigarette or adjusting the seat according to our convenience. There will be only a few people who listen to what their car is saying whether it is a new one or a  used Japanese car. Normally, we do not bother the voices in the start and give attention when the voices change into screams. At that moment, we get to know that it could be handled before very easily.

To make your car friendly with you, it is a must to hear the voices of it, otherwise it will disturb your budget drastically. We are giving you some information about the voices generated in the vehicle so if you may find any of the given voices, immediately contact your car doctor who will solve the issue and help you to secure your handsome amount.

The Clicking which is making you annoyed

If you are listening clicking which is disturbing you, it can be the issue of hydraulic lifter which is inside the valve train. If it is damaged, this kind of noise will generate. The job of this lifter is to open and close so the exhaust and intake valves work. If there will be the low oil pressure, these will not work due to varnish buildup so, the issue of sticking starts and noises come out. In this scenario, you must immediately change the lifter so it will secure your valve trains otherwise you have to face some serious issues in the future.

The Voice of Rattling

When you buy a Japanese used car from the market, you must visit the car doctor immediately as there can be some issues which must be solved right in time. In it, you must hear the voices of your car engine in which the most prominent one is the rattling. This voice is due to the timing chains which can be seen in the overhead camshafts. There is a nylon guide which is connected to the chain and when it needs repairs, it makes noises. For resolving the issue, your mechanic will check the oil pressure and hydraulic tensioner which perform the duty to keep the chain tight. If there will be the need of changing the tensioner, he will fix it immediately without charging higher.

The Frightening Knocking

There is a trend of Japanese car users in United Kingdom, Pakistan, Kenya, Jamaica, Trinidad, Bangladesh and many other developing countries that they do not change the engine oil at the right time. Due to this particular reason, sometimes, you have to face the knocking sound which can be frightening as well. It happens when the rod present noises due to lack of lubrication as the old oil create issues. If you are not properly changing engine oil, it will damage the crankshaft and bearing and at the end, destroy the engine as well.

Muffled Metallic Clatter

This sound can be due to the damages in the lower piston skirt as the cracks have been found on it. It is a general problem as it is obvious after using the vehicle for a long time. If you are hearing these sounds when the engine is cold, do not do anything but if otherwise, changing the piston is the only solution.

The double knocking and whining are other voices and many of these sounds are due to low oil pressure and old oil. For avoiding any voice, the proper and timely changing of engine oil is the best solution and it should be considered seriously otherwise you will have to face the serious consequences.