The vehicles with automatic transmissions are getting more acceptance and an appraisal from the customers and people love to enjoy stress-free driving while driving automatic cars. These vehicles are easier to drive as they have no need to use clutch and gears and can relax in difficult situations. The restrictions are not high, so drivers feel free when they are driving automatic vehicles.

The car manufacturers and Japanese car exporters who provide Japanese used cars also know it so their focus is also on those vehicles which have automatic transmissions. But now, some issues have been raised in some car models of different brands which have automatic transmissions. These vehicles help those drivers who are less experienced and they cannot navigate easily of manual cars, but some automatic cars do not work well with an automatic gearbox. We are giving you some details of these types of vehicles which do not favor the argument of automatic transmissions.

Toyota GT86

Toyota is one of those Japanese car manufacturers who know exactly the requirements of the customers and therefore, they introduced Toyota GT86 in both the transmissions but the car experts found that the manual car has the better results when we talk about the speed of the vehicle. The manual vehicle takes only 7.6 seconds from reaching 0 miles/ hour to 60 miles per hour and its maximum speed is 140miles/ hr. On the other hand, the automatic GT86 takes 8.2 seconds to meet the above challenge while its maximum speed is 130 miles per hour. It is not a huge difference, but when it is said that it is a sports car, the argument favors us as people buy these types of vehicles just to enjoy the speed and acceleration.

MK4 Toyota Supra

We are including another Japanese car of the top manufacturer Toyota which is known as MK4 Toyota Supra. It is also available in both transmissions but the price of a manual vehicle is almost double when we compare its price with the price of the automatic one. The upward limit of 500 horsepower is the actual reason due to which automatic MK4 Toyota Supra is not able to compete with its manual version.