With the increase in your family, you need to have space in your home and family car. Changing a house is quite a difficult job, but for comfortable transportation, you can shift to a Japanese used Car sedan or SUV according to your convenience. These cars provide you with a great space for the passengers, huge cargo capacity and fuel economy simultaneously.

With so much variety in the cars today, it is hard to decide the best one for fulfilling the family needs. You have not only considered seating and cargo space in a car but also think about your budget and fuel economy as well. Normally, in this situation, the better option is to buy a Japanese used car, but in this case, you must find a car with low mileage.

We are going to give you some names of Japanese used cars in the following lines which will be suitable for your family, and your budget will not affect as well.

Nissan Bluebird

Nissan Bluebird is one of those outstanding sedans in a market, which got great appreciation from the buyers of all over the world. Its first model came in the market in 2000 and now the third generation is available for sale. You have the options of 1498 cc I4 and 1997 cc I4 engines. Fuel economy is 15.0 km/ L if there is a smaller engine while in larger ones, you can enjoy 13.4 km/ L. With such fuel economy, you will find excellent features inside a car along with large space for the passengers and cargo. Fully loaded Nissan Bluebird can make your life comfortable and stylish.

Toyota Prius – Most Wanted Japanese Car

The Toyota Prius is one of the most successful hybrid cars available in the market and in Pakistan, people love to have this vehicle with them due to excellent space for the passengers and high performance on the roads. It is available in Pakistan with a 1.8 L 2ZR-FXE 14 Powertrain engine with fully loaded options. You will enjoy hybrid driving options to make your family tours luxurious and comfortable.

Honda Fit – Another Most Wanted Japanese Car

For Pakistani families, the Honda Fit is a wonderful option which provides you the maximum space for the passengers and cargo. Its third generation is in the market with engine size starts from 1.2 to 1.5 to give you the variety in driving and budget. Its extra advantage is that you can enjoy hybrid driving as well, which means you will have a comfortable ride with fuel economy.