In the continuation with the previous article, we are discussing some other comparative points with you related to Honda and Hyundai vehicles here:

Let us start!

The difference in Model Varieties

Honda cars are the best cars while talking about the varieties in features, classes, models, and designs. However, in some variants, they do not offer much, especially when we talk about hybrid models, this Japanese car manufacturer is lacking.

On the other hand, Hyundai is excellent in providing hybrid models. The models of Hyundai are amongst the top variants not only in hybrid but in many other ones. However, Honda took an edge over Hyundai when they launched CR-V, which outclassed Hyundai Tucson very recently. But, in providing variety, Hyundai has an edge over Honda.


In offering warranties, no one can compete with Hyundai, as it offers the best warranty in the car manufacturing companies. Hyundai offers a powertrain warranty for 10 years. Alternatively, you can enjoy 10,000 miles with this warranty. Conversely, Honda offers only for 60,000 miles or six years. The same types of difference can be observed in the new vehicle, hybrid battery, roadside assistance, and corrosion warranties. This exceptional feature of Hyundai cars makes them the best Japanese used cars for international buyers. So, while talking about the warranty, Hyundai cars are far better than Honda cars.


The price difference is another major concern for the buyers. Hyundai cars are more affordable than Honda Cars. For example, if you are buying Hyundai, your range should be between $14,000 and $41,000. On the other hand, when you go for buying the same variants of Honda, you must have the amount between $16,000 and $48,000. Moreover, the cheapest car of Hyundai is Hyundai 2019, and the most expensive one is the 2018 Santa Fe. Conversely, the cheapest car that Honda is offering is 2019 Honda Fit while the costliest car is 2018 Pilot.

Another important aspect that we need to consider is the fuel-economy. According to research, Honda cars are not as fuel-efficient as Hyundai cars. The maintenance and repair costs of Hyundai cars are also less than that of Honda cars. So, overall, the price and maintenance cost of Hyundai is more affordable. Moreover, the warranties that Hyundai offers are overwhelming for the buyers.

The Final Verdict

In this whole comparison of two of the best Japanese used cars, Honda and Hyundai, we have seen some major differences. However, both brands have their positives and negatives. In luxury, comfort, style, safety, and variety, Honda cars have a huge edge. On the other hand, when we talk about fuel economy, price, warranties, and hybrid versions, Honda cars cannot compete with Hyundai. So, it is up to you now! Buying a car depends totally on your budget and requirements. Therefore, before buying a Japanese used car, you need to identify your requirements, estimate your budget, and then choose the car that suits you more.